P.909 — "The greatest twentieth-century influences contributing to the furtherance of civilization and the advancement of culture are the marked increase in world travel and the unparalleled improvements in methods of communication."

North America 2009
Summer UBTour

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We are hosting a Urantia conference this summer in Boulder, Colorado June 25 - 28. The cost is $260 early registration / $300 normal registration—includes program, room, & meals. Registration can be done securely online or by downloading and completing our registration form. Questions about registering for the conference should be directed to Chris Wood (cwesquire@hotmail.com). The theme of the conference is The Second Mile and Beyond.

This conference is all ages and is neither Fellowship nor Association. It sprang out of the simple questions of a few people who just wanted to get everyone together in Boulder this summer: What can the truth in the revelation do to us and what we can do for the revelation? What does it take for Duty and Compulsion to transform into Free Service and Devotion? How can our human community help evolve the Brotherhood of Man? What does it actually mean to strive for the "quality of thinking" that will characterize the next epoch?

Scholarships and discounts are available. We are still looking for people to lead workshops, design T-shirts, and donate to the scholarship fund. For more information see http://www.myspace.com/urantiaconferencekc and add us as a friend!

Mike MacIsaac giving a talk at IC 08 in Los Angeles, California.

Immediately after the conference, some of us are excited to go camping at the national annual Rainbow gathering in beautiful New Mexico. We planned the Boulder conference before the gathering in order to do so. We will probably attend June 30 - July 4th, but people interested in going are not obligated to arrive or depart on any specific dates, as it is a completely free of charge, unorganized and unofficial event. Please let us know if you will be attending the gathering though, because we want to meet you there!

Our makeshift flag at the national annual Rainbow gathering in Colorado, 2006.